Saturday, 20 April 2013



A new dimension has been introduced into the list of side attractions for the next edition of Havana Carnival.

In a brief session with the corporate manager of G’ENNIE Lesiure Incorporated, the activation company for Sigma Club, University of Ibadan musical carnival owner, Mr. Ayo George, a two week long audition will be held at selected venues for talented musicians who need a break into the music industry.

He expressed believe that Havana would provide a veritable opportunity for musicians who need to be on same stage with A-listers for the maximum exposure.

“From the inception of Havana carnival, the owners had planned for the show to promote upcoming artistes, using established ones to open the gate for the new ones. Along the line, Havana became a big brand as big acts always lobbied to feature in it. That was even when we did not have this stiff competiton in the music industry. What we had then were the Sunny Ades, Fela Anikulapos, Victor Uwaifors and others. Things have changed now with more than a million unheard acts out there desperate to get a break in the fast-growing music industry.

‘The idea now is to hold a two-three week audition for musicians who know they are worth their salt and the eventual finalists will automatically perform in Havana with A and B-listers. This will have been determined before Havana carnival though. Two of the finalists, selected by the pilgrims to Havana ground, will be given the opportunity of doing something with the two headliners after Havana. That collaboration could be the break that such an artiste needs. We are working on a lot of collaboration with media organisations and event planners. This is an opportunity for two talented acts to work their ways up to the top,” he told R.

Corroborating George’s expression was Rotimi Ekundayo, deputy sigma chief, who expressed delight with the lofty idea.

“This is a great news. We are sure this audition will be a perfect platform for upcoming acts to prove they deserve to be on Havana stage instead of going around begging to be heard. The time to be heard will be at the auditions. We support this. We are happy about it. The club is ready to do all in its powers, and that of Sigma Foundation, to make the audition work.

Plans are on to stage the popular musical carnival as G’ENNIE Leisure has begun marketing the event.

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  1. when is it happening ?.... i wanna rock the place